Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BIG savings!!!

So, if you don't follow {www.pinchingyourpennies.com} you totally should. Thanks to a tip from them I just got this cute little fleece jacket

for $2.59! It's nothing special, but I thought it would be a great light jacket for spring, and for $2.59 how could I not. My whole order which included 3 jackets and shipping was LESS than $14!!!
So go to Children's Place and click on any department (I did baby boys) then click on the sweaters-fleece option on the side. There are lots of colors and lots of sizes. They are on sale for $2.99, then use code {C99AA} for an extra 15% off your order.

Just needed to share!


Jade, Maclee and Briten said...

Thanks for the tip I ordered Briten a jacket that was originly $50 I got it for $8.50 after the discount!