Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palisade Campground

The day after the Rush Valley rodeo we packed up and headed over to Palisade.

We meaning: me and the boys, my mom, nancy and her 6 kids. My dad and Lance came over that night to help us get the trailers set up but left to go back to work the next day.

I wasn't sure if going without any help from Lance sounded like much fun to me, but thought we might as well try it! :)

It turned out to be lots of fun! We were there for 4 nights and 5 days, and the kids were super busy and played and played...

We rented a paddle boat all day, every day we were there. The kids were on it constantly

The boys had a nice (for me :) rest time everyday in the trailer watching a movie.

Monday night my Mom took us on a "scripture walk" for FHE.

On the way back from our scripture walk the boys could see their shadows, and had lots of fun seeing what they could make their shadows do.

Parker and Brookers played and played in the water.

Layton and Isaac, best of friends.

We got a little rained out one afternoon, and spent some time with 8 kids and 3 adults in the trailer :)

LOTS of bike riding.

and digging in the, um sand? (if that is what you can call it there :)

Parker was so cute one afternoon scooping and sorting out these little animals.

All the kids together.

The last night my Dad and Lance came back over to celebrate Katie's birthday with us.

The last day was just a 1/2 day so we decided to try out a canoe instead of the paddle boats. It was so nice to have Lance there to spend time with us (and give me some help! :)

Thanks Mom! Once again you have outdone yourself and outworked us all!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rush Valley Rodeo 2010

A few days after we got home from Lake Powell it was the annual Rush Valley Rodeo. The boys were really excited about going. They had lots of fun last year. see here, here, and here.

-My nephew Isaac came with us, him and Layton are best little buds and get along so well.

-Layton's Pop (my dad) for unknown reasons gave Layton a pocket knife !?! All he could think about at the rodeo was cutting things... weeds, juice boxes, random papers, and on and on :)

Thanks dad...

- Parker was sweet as usual and just wanted to watch every little bit of what was happening.

-Isaac did the goat ribbon pull, coming in 4th place with a time of 7.2!

- Parker did it t0o (cutest thing ever) with a time of 12.8! Pretty good for a 2 year old :)

- He was so proud of his ribbon and kept it in his pocket all day.

-Our group, Lance's whole family came out for the big day.

- These 3 boys (Layton, Parker, Isaac) had such a fun day, and have been begging to go back ever since!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LP {day 5}

Ahhh, the dreaded last day. I think everyone can agree that packing 2 very full boat loads of stuff... in the hot sun... with crying babies is not fun. But it has to be done!

-The kids really were pretty good, all things considered. Lots of time playing on the rocks around our camp.

-They were pretty darn happy to get to the AC in the truck, and so were there parents!

Big drive home, we are glad to be back!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

LP {day 4}

Day 4 (which was July 3rd) was probably the most fun. It was the only day that our entire group was there for the full day.

Lance isn't used to being around on the 4th of July, whereas I have only missed 1 Fillmore 4th ever (when I was dating Lance :) So I was a little sad that we were missing all the festivities here in Fill-town. I know that I will not be leaving town on the 4th again!

-lots of playing on the beach

-haha, you can bet he didn't leave this on for longer than this picture :)

-shading up. Layton+chips+lake powell= heaven on earth for the little guy

- for Christmas last year my brother and sister and I, gave each other this sweet water trampoline! The kids LOVED it and judging by the his awesome diving skills, Lance did too :)

- Parker is always up for anything, He kneeboarded for quite awhile, (with Lance dragging behind. holding the rope for him) Brave boy!

- That night, pirates left some treasure maps on our beach, the kids found them and when on quite a hike all around looking for the treasure.

- Finally they found it!
- After dark we did some fireworks, and the kids got out their glow necklaces that were a part of the pirate treasure.

Happy 4th!

Only 1 day left in this nailbitting series of posts! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

LP {day 3}

Classic Lake Powell... sleeping under the ummm, dashboard? of the boat. I feel like I spent half my childhood asleep in this spot :)

"Shading up" in the afternoon, essential if you are camping on the beach. Every afternoon we pack a lunch and go find a shady canyon to eat, play, swim, nap, etc... (sorry about this picture Kim :)

These boys love Lake Powell!

and so does their Mama :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lake Powell {day 2}

Haha, sorry to keep you all waiting. I'm sure the suspense was killing you :)

-Day 2- We woke up to find a few inches of water in the boat, and after Lance working on it for a bit we realized that we needed to go and load it back onto the trailer to get a better look. So another big ride in and then the boys and I ate popsicles while Lance was busy getting a sunburn while working on it. :)
He got a few loose bolts tightened up (at least that 4 year degree for auto/diesel mechanics got put to use :)
Then rode back to our beach for lunch, then BACK to the marina to pick up half of our group that was meeting us.
Spent the rest of the day setting up their things and making food for everyone...

haha, who falls asleep like this!?! :)

Wow, that was a boring post. I promise day 3 was more fun!