Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parker's first day of Primary...

Parker had his first day in Primary! He has done really well and just walks right in and sits with his class. What a sweetheart, I sure love this little Sunbeam!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ice Skating...

We were up by Heber to see our cute nieces Sidney be baptised, and Hadley be blessed. So we headed over to Park City afterward to go ice skating!

Ice skating is way harder than it looks, we have a whole new respect for professional ice skaters now.

Luckily, the rink had little walkers for the boys so they wouldn't fall. :)

 Ice Skates on and ready to go!

We had lots of fun, and I'm so glad that we ended up going. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting news!

Around the first of January we found out that I am pregnant! We feel so blessed and very excited. I am 13 weeks right now, and due the end of August. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

First trip to the Dentist...

I finally got the boys in to see the dentist for the first time. I was nervous about it because I really don't like the dentist, and wasn't sure how they would do. We went in for a cleaning and the boys did so so great, they each hopped right up in the chair, and let them clean their teeth and do the xrays. Without a complaint or anything.

They both ended up having 1 tiny cavity, so we went back a few weeks later. The cavities were so little that they didn't need a numbing shot, and only took about 15 minuets to fill. Their sweet dentist, Dr. Stevenson said that he was going to go home a write in his journal about the day and that he had never had a 3 year old sit completely still and not fuss at all while getting a cavity filled. Layton was the same way, and did amazing :)

I was super proud of them,Layton had told me before we got there that he wasn't sure if he could be brave for it. But of course he was.

I am so lucky to have these sweet little boys!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011...

Ahhh, Christmas morning :)

We were awoken at 4:45 on Christmas morning by a whole crowd of excited kids, who can tell this group to go back to bed??  I always take pictures of them all waiting on the stairs while we wait for Scott and Nancy to come over. Layton and Parker were less than excited for this picture if you cant tell :)

Layton, finding his stocking...

The present that he asked for was a remote control monster truck, red of course :)

Parker, finding his stocking...

One of Parker's most played with gifts has been the grabber from his stocking, Santa sure knows how to make these boys happy!

The gift Parker had been asking for, was this whac-a-mole game :)

Our little family, why cant these boys just take a nice picture for me!?!

Lance and I gave the boys this Ranger, they had been asking and asking and working hard to be good for it. It is for sure a hit, they love it, and it actually goes pretty fast (about 10 miles an hour) they are getting really good at driving and reversing it!

One of the things I gave Lance was and xbox with kinect, and lots of games to go with it. This is Layton and Isaac skiing.

and Parker and Katie dancing...

I never got a picture at my parents of all the presents together, so once we got home I piled them all up.

These are Parker's

and Layton's...

I feel so blessed to be able to give my family another great Christmas. I hope I never forget these times!

and lastly, a video of the boys getting their Ranger :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011...

Well I think it is just about time that I blogged Christmas :)

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents in Flowell this year, we started out with a wonderful Christmas/Birthday for Shelby dinner.

Then had the kids act out the Nativity for us. This is the first year that they have all participated willingly (well kind of... ahem Austin :)

We have always had the kids open whats under the tree on Christmas Eve, and then Santa presents in the morning. So the kids got all the presents sorted out...
(this is the best face I could get from Parker in all the excitment :)

Then we take turns and go around the room opening each gift.

Layton had been asking and asking for a dragon pillow pet, luckily Parker got him one :)

My dear parents got each of the boys a pocket knife. They were so excited, Parker couldn't look away from it for a picture!
I wasn't thrilled about it, but they have actually been really good with their knifes. So it has turned out alright.

Layton just so happened to give Parker a pillow pet too :) Who knew they would be so excited for them.

Then the kids all put on their new Christmas Jammies and headed up to bed, Shelby and Austin hadn't gone in the room yet in this picture. But 8 kids is quite a crowd, they really love it and I think that would have been so much fun as a kid to stay with my cousins on Christmas Eve! (Lance didn't stay there, he was just getting the movie going for them)

Another great and memory filled Christmas Eve with my family, I love these times with them. We missed you Suzie, Chris, Jack, Claire, and Max!!!

I'm sure Suize will be the only one instersted in watching these little videos (but go ahead and watch if you would like too), these are for you Suz!