Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet Parker (the hulk)

Parker is such a sweet boy. He is very cuddly and needs lots of kisses and hugs. He is always a bright spot in my day. Lately he doesn't want to wear a shirt to bed so the he can look like the hulk :) I found him sleeping all perfect in his bed one night. What a sweetheart <3

Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July 2012!

I love the 4th of July! My enthusiasm was a little less this year due to the 100 degree heat and my 8 months pregnant body. We still had a fun day though. Lance even got to come home for the day! :)

We went to the parade of course...

My sister and her 3 kiddos were visiting from Baltimore, it was fun to have them with us!

We had yummy lunch in the park. Every year my Mom makes my dad stand in the longest line ever to get a indian taco, so we ate one and sent her a picture :) 

The boys had $10 a piece to spend, so they bought a snow cone, water squirter, cotton candy, and a train ride. They always want one of these water squirters, and they are always broken by the end of the day but the boys sure have fun with them while they last!

Lance was taking cows on the mountain in the afternoon, so we came home for a rest. Then he met us at the field just as the first fireworks went off.

We take this picture every year of us laying on our blanket watching fireworks, I don't know why because I always look horrible in it, but its tradition :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Saturday morming we met at my parents for breakfast to say goodbye. I feel so bad that these are kind of blurry, I wasn't quite "all there" and didn't even bother to check my camera settings. But oh well, at least I remembered to take a few pictures!

The whole family after breakfast

My Dad and Layton

My Dad and Parker

My Mom and Parker

My Mom and Layton

On their way out...

Goodbye for 3 years...

It was really hard to say goodbye to my Parents, 3 years is such a long time. I am so sad to think about everything they will miss, and the times with them that we wont get to share together. While I know that this is where they are supposed to be, it doesn't make it easier to say good bye. My parents have been our number 1 supporters and friends, I can't thank them enough for everything that they do for us.
They have entrusted Lance and I with the huge responsibility of running the farm and their personal affairs while they are gone. I am overwhelmed with this major undertaking, I know that Lance will do an amazing job. My family is so so blessed to have him in our lives! I am of course the weak-link in the situation. I sure hope that the blessings everyone says will come will help me out!

Mom and Dad we love you and miss you so much already!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Last day together and family pictures!

My parents farewell and luncheon was on the Sunday that we left for Lake Powell, and I guess between planning-setting up for the luncheon, and also getting ready for Lake Powell, I didn't take any pictures! 
I did get a quick picture of the darling cake though, Lisa Teeples made it for me and as always did an amazing job!

Friday (the day after their setting apart) was the last day home. My sister and her family were down, and while it wasn't the day of really spending time together that I was hoping for. We did get to at least eat lunch together. The kids played in the water slide, my Mom packed-cleaned-and did last minute errands, and of course my Dad wanted to spend his last day on the mountain with Lance and the cows :)

That evening we did family pictures. My good friend Jamie Broderick came down to take them for us. Thanks Jamie! Also, remember I am 7 months pregnant, and a little more puffy than usual ;)

11 grandkids

Suzette & Christopher Trimble family

Scott and Nancy Robinson Family

My Mom and I

My Dad and I

Lance and My Dad

Our Family

Sweet Layton and Parker

My Parents

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Setting Apart...

We got back from Lake Powell late Wednesday night. Then Thursday morning I had cheer practice, and right after that we left to drop the kids off in Rush Valley at Lance's parents house. We met my family in Salt Lake that afternoon for my parents setting apart for their mission!
It was a really special experience, and I am so glad that we got to be there for it. We saw President Uchtdorf  on our way up, my Dad was set apart and given such a great blessing by Elder Quentin L. Cook. My Mom was set apart by Patrick Kearon of the seventy. There was such a special and sweet spirit in the room. I know my parents are going and doing exactly what they should be.

We had a really nice lunch together afterwards and then went to look around the new city center mall. Another late night getting home, but so happy we could be apart of this day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lake Powell 2012!

Oh I love Lake Powell! Sorry in advance for the major picture overload!

We finally got there Sunday night about 5 minutes before they closed the ramp, Lance and Layton are the worriers and they were freaking out that we wouldn't get there in time. :)

Monday was a windy day so we kept the houseboat in the slip and just hung out for the day. 

We went on a little exploring drive...

Went down the slide...


Then Dale and Rochelle (My Uncle and Aunt that we were with) took us to the "Bat Cave". Its a huge cave that you can drive in and goes clear back in and under. Layton started looking up and realizing how much rock was above us, and pretty soon he was ready to get out of there :) 

We went tubing...

The next morning, we woke up about 7 to the sound of us driving to our beach. Uncle Dale is just like my Dad, and loved waking us all up early every morning :)

Once we got settled into our beach we went out on and ski/wakeboard run.

Lance is nice and lets everyone else have a turn, then he goes last and makes us all feel bad about our skills (not on purpose of course :) 

Layton rode the ski board...

We got back to the houseboat and Lance helped the boys fish. They both caught one within 30 seconds of putting their poles in the water. I guess sunfish love old bacon :)

There weren't any other small kids and Lance was so great to keep the boys entertained all day...
They went on hikes...

Lots of swims (I was actually with on this one :)...

and kayaking around our little bay...

The next day I woke up and Lance and the boys were gone. I went out on the deck and saw them clear at the top of the cliff we were camped by...

Parker had been nervous about trying the ski board, but he decided he wanted to do it, and did such a great job. He had a little bit of a wild ride, but held on tight and was so cute doing it!

Don't mind my annoying voice in the video!

More drives with our little family... 

The boys worked and worked on a "house" for their toy waverunners...

They were building it up until the second we left to come home...

We love our houseboat!

This was such a different trip to not be there with my whole family. I really missed having my Mom and Dad there, it just wasn't the same without you guys! My Aunt and Uncle were so so great though and we loved being with them. They only had 4 in their group, and we just had our little family of four, so it was actually a pretty peaceful few days. I love the time our little family gets to spend together. I wish we could stay at this stage in our lives forever (except maybe minus the me, being 7 months pregnant part)!