Wednesday, June 6, 2012

T-Ball for Layton

Layton did t-ball this year for the first time. He did so so well with it and really had a good time. I was one of the coaches and while it was lots of work, I had a great time with it too. But I am relived to have the season over with! 

This is Layton batting at several different games :)

Our team! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Called to Serve

My parents have been called to be Mission President for the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. My Dad went on his mission there 40+ years ago and has always wanted to go back to serve another mission. 

My Mom has started a blog to help us keep up with whats going on through their mission. It is I have a link on my sidebar as well.

We are so happy for them, but kind of sad for ourselves! I can't imagine the next three years without them.

There is a mountain of challenges ahead of us and I sure hope that what they say about the extra blessings is true. Because I know that I'm going to need them!

I am so grateful for my parents and the wonderful example they have always been to me, and are continuing to be for my family. We love you Mom and Dad!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Parker's "Color Party" 4th birthday {the fun!}

Cute Parker had so much fun at his party. We rented the pool for the evening so we could have it to ourselves. Thanks so much everyone for coming, he notices every person and it means a lot to him to have you there.

My sweet birthday boy :)

Daddy and the birthday boy

Blowing out his candles...

Yep, he's four now :(...

Having cake and ice cream with the cousins...

opening presents...

After the party, with his #4 balloon :)

Parker with his presents.Yep, spoiled again!

Thanks again to everyone who came, we had a great time and Parker loved his "color party". 

Parker "Color Party" 4th birthday! {the details}

Parker wanted a "color party" for his 4th birthday. I wasn't exactly sure what he was imagining, but this is what I came up with :)

We had it at the pool with lot and lots of our friends and family, it turned out great and was such a nice, low stress party for me.

This was the dessert table...

The wonderful Lisa Teeples made a very yummy and cute cake for us...

Gum is Parker's favorite thing, so we had lots of gumballs for everyone.

The drink/favor table...

He really wanted everyone to get paints, so all the guests got a watercolor set and notebook

 And glow necklace's

Parker was so happy with everything, and of course that makes me very happy too. :)