Friday, March 25, 2011

St Patricks Day ...

The night before St Patricks day we set a trap for a leprechaun. When the boys woke up they ran to it to set if we had caught him! We didn't catch him this time but that naughty leprechaun had made a big mess of our house! Gold must have fallen out of his pockets while he was doing it though, because we found gold all over the room!

He even turned our toilet water green!

They both found lots of gold!

We had green shamrock shaped pancakes, with green yummy syrup. I don't know how but everything I made turned green! That naughty leprechaun must have put a magic spell on our house!

Layton got ready for preschool.

And while he was there, Parker and I made cookie dough, which of course turned green too!

The boys wanted to have a picnic lunch, but it wasn't nice weather outside. So they had one on the floor in the family room :)

Then we rolled out the cookie dough, and cut it out into shamrock shapes.

and decorated them with green sprinkles :)

They were so so yummy!

We finished our day with a (food coloring free) dinner of green noodles, green grapes, green beans, and green jello (which I'm sure had food coloring in, but at least I'm not the one who put it there!)

Happy St. Patricks day everyone, we sure had a lot of fun!


Trimbles said...

See! This is what I aspire to. So what I want to know is if the days and weeks prior if they know that its coming or if you jsut wake up one morning and spring it on them. Very very cute.

sarahblad said...

What a fun day!!!

Julie said...

Cute ideas. You're such a great mom! That sounds like the best St. Patrick's Day!