Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Called to Serve

My parents have been called to be Mission President for the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. My Dad went on his mission there 40+ years ago and has always wanted to go back to serve another mission. 

My Mom has started a blog to help us keep up with whats going on through their mission. It is http://www.robinsonmission.blogspot.com/ I have a link on my sidebar as well.

We are so happy for them, but kind of sad for ourselves! I can't imagine the next three years without them.

There is a mountain of challenges ahead of us and I sure hope that what they say about the extra blessings is true. Because I know that I'm going to need them!

I am so grateful for my parents and the wonderful example they have always been to me, and are continuing to be for my family. We love you Mom and Dad!