Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dinner and Fishing...

We went up the canyon a few weekends ago to have dinner and do some fishing. The boys miss their Dad so much, they always plan a million things to do during the few hours a week that we see him. So this time we combined Parker's choice of going on a 4 wheeler ride, and Layton's choice of fishing. :)

Lance put Parker's line in the water and handed it to him and seconds later he pulled out a fish :)

Poor Layton is so diligent and patient, but he didn't get one :(

My Dad's favorite thing is the give all the boys a fire stick, and tell them to go run around with it :) Well we didn't let him run around, but Parker HAD to have a fire stick!

Roasting hot dogs. Look close and spy little Nixon there in the back. He was not a fan of all the smoke and darkness :)

It was seriously pitch black when Lance took this picture, but I had to have one that you could see Nixon in :) 

After we were done eating we cleaned up and put the fire out. Then the last thing to do was get the poles out of the water, and Layton had finally caught one!

Loved this little evening with my family!