Friday, July 12, 2013

Park City

When we left Starvation we were headed to visit some family and float the Provo river. I was driving my Armada and pulling the boat, and Lance was on a different route driving the Semi pulling his trackhoe.

I got a "small" tire bulge on the boat trailer along the way, up in the top of the mountains with no service. I had about 70 miles to go until Heber so I just slowly limped along until 3 miles out of Heber the tire finally blew. Long story short, and buying 3 new tires later, we were back on the road.

We had used up most of our time with the tire issue and had to pick up Lance in Park City. When we got there we deicided to just stay there for the rest of the day and enjoy it. So we checked into our hotel

Went and got some dinner

Then headed up to the Park City resort.

We did the Alpine slide, alpine coaster, and the flying eagle zip line. The boys had so much fun, and loved every bit!

 Then ended with some ice cream of course.

We went back to the hotel and just swam in the pool and relaxed in the room for a bit.

All Nix can see in any bathroom is the toilet paper, it his very favorite thing to do :)

 It wasn't our original plan but I love how it worked out. Lance is at work so often, which I appreciate, but it is fun to spend some time together when we can.