Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lake Powell 2013!!!

There is no where on earth that I love more than Lake Powell. It is different with my parents gone, so this year we invited Lance's brother Devin and his cute family to come down with us, and we rented our own houseboat. I've never been this late in the year (labor day) and was worried, but the weather couldn't have been more perfect. We'll be doing this again for sure :)

Also, there are LOTS and lots of pictures in this post, sorry in advance :)

As soon as we got the boat parked, cute Parker jumped right in and didn't get out for 5 days.

Layton went down the slide first thing, but the rest of the kids (an one adult, ahem.. Ashley :) were too nervous to try it.

My cute niece Sidney

and our nephew Tanner

Nix got used to the water really fast, we could hardly keep him out of it.

The kids are starting to get brave and want to have fun rides on the tube, this is Parker with Sidney

and Layton with Sidney

Haha, I had to post this one. Tanner was nervous so Lance went pretty slow... Layton is bored, Tanner is scared. LOL :)

Then Parker rode the trainer ski

We bought Layton a wake board on the trip and only had the chance to try it once. He didn't stay up, but we'll keep working on it.

The 4 big kids played and swam and played some more, they loved every second

Brothers with their babies :)

We get up early in the mornings to go wake board while the water is glass, this morning I had to take some pictures of the beautiful sunrise over the lake.

View of our camp

Haha, Nix wasn't a fan of his sunglasses, but they were so cute :)

Cute Layton

Seriously though guys, this baby is the cutest sweetest baby to ever walk the earth. We are so lucky to have him in our family.

Layton and Sidney doing just a little more water playing before bedtime.

Lance's brother Devin buried Tanner, Layton, and Parker :)

Everyone fished while I cooked dinner, I had to keep stopping in the middle of cooking to go take pictures of the fish :)

Layton caught the first catfish

our other cute niece, Hadley

Then Parker caught his own catfish

In the morning before we cleaned up camp Layton decided to do the trainer ski one last time

Nix and I watch from the boat

Then Lance showed us all how it was done :)

Then, I made the family stare into the sun for a group picture :)

One last swim before heading back into the marina. Happy happy happy kids.

We are so lucky to live so close to paradise and to be able to provide our family with this trip and memories, I was 3 weeks old on my first trip to Lake Powell and I've never missed a year going back in my entire life. I don't plan to start anytime soon!!!