Sunday, June 14, 2009

Delta Rodeo

No, Lance has not come out of rodeo retirement :)
But we did go over to Delta to watch his brothers ride on Saturday. We only went to 1 last year and before that Layton was just a baby, so this was really his first rodeo experience. And of course Parker hasn't been before (big difference from previous years of reaching the 75 rodeo limit that the PRCA has)
Anyway, the boys really loved it. When we sat down they both just sat on our laps and watched. One of the flag girls fell off her horse and Layton thought it was the funniest thing. We had told him that there would be bucking horses and he didn't even have to wait to see them!
Layton could have stayed, but after the bronc riding it was really cold (still raining of course) so we headed out.
Doesn't Parker look like such a big boy? This was the only picture, he couldn't stand not to watch for even a second.

It was the same story with Layton, I asked him to look at me and he said "I'm busy".

Looks like we will have to go to a few more rodeos this summer :)


Bryan and Lou Anne Randall said...

In a few years you'll be reading them Louis L'Amour. Are you ready for that?

Dani said...

Awe that is too adorable!!! I love the little jean jackets and cowboy hats!!! SO cute! And that's so fun how they like to watch so much! Awe, what cute kids. You think you'll let him go riding on those goats or sheep for a rodeo soon?

Anonymous said...

Ya, it was great to see you guys. I do agree it was a very cold rodeo. Your boys are too cute. I was having a GREAT time trying to keep my kids under control. Trey didn't do so well on his sheep, but he loves to ride them so I don't think he felt too bad not winning. Why isn't Lance rodeoing anymore? Bold asked me why he wasn't riding, just wondering....