Monday, June 15, 2009

Top of the Mountain

On Saturday before the rodeo we went up to the very tippy top of the mountain we live next to. Its a little bit of a drive straight up (we clocked it at 12 miles) but worth it. So beautiful.

It was a chilly day but it warmed up after a bit and we had lunch and let the kids play, while Lance and my Dad and my brother Scott fixed the fence so the cows can go up in a couple weeks.

Layton ran around with his cousins catching bugs with his new bug catcher kit (thanks g & g sagers).

And lifted up rocks to see the bugs underneath.

We took up some shovels and buckets and Parker filled them with rocks.

The guys got done with the fence and we came home so the boys could have a nap, then we headed off to the rodeo.


Dani said...

How fun! Catching bugs! What a marvelous idea! Jameson LOVES bugs! :)

Trimbles said...

THe mountain looks lovely! Im glad they had so much fun and I love that Layton was too busy watching the rodeo to look at you!!! HAHAHA. Im afraid our kids wont appreciate a good rodeo. When is the Ute Stampeed?
Only in my dreams will I be able to go.

Ashley said...


Your boys are so CUTE! I also love your photography. You do really good work.