Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Name Draw

Hey guys, so I know that for most of you this doesn't interest you at all. But for my family, here is the name draws.

Sagers Family {$40 limit for couples, $20 limit for kids}

Kim & Rio -have- Darrell and Shannon
Lance & Sally -have- Kim and Rio
Devin & Ashley -have- Lance and Sally
Darrell and Shannon -have- Devin and Ashley

Sidney -has- Layton
Tanner -has-Parker
Layton -has- Sidney
Parker -has-Cooper
Cooper -has-Tanner

Robinson Family {$15 limit}
Sidlings did a big group gift for each other (well mostly for the kids :) and bought an inflatable trampline for Lake Powell!

Shelby -has- Parker
Austin -has- Jackson
KateLynn -has- Claire
Devin -has- KateLynn
Isaac -has- Layton
BrookLynn -has- Austin
Layton -has- Isaac
Parker -has- Max
Jackson -has- Shelby
Claire -has- Devin
Baby Max -has- BrookeLynn