Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little bit of green, so you can't pinch my blog :)

Happy St Patricks day! I'll post more later about the cute stuff we are doing today. If you want Ideas go to my cute cousin Candace's blog {}.

Any day about green is a friend of mine, have fun today!!!


Jason and Candice said...

Too cute! Thanks for the plug! :)

Trimbles said...

Her stuff is really cute. You're such a good mom. I'd like to do that kind of stuff, but I dont think they will get it right now. When do you start? Next year? Will they understand when they are 2? 3? I hope sooner then later. So who is Candace? Im assuming Lance's cousin. I call CTs cousins mine too. :) Sorry about Maryland. You should bring the boys and we can go see the white house and everything. Its literally like 20 miles away! Mt Vernon... Lots of fun things to see :)