Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Women Driver Award! :)

Now I don't want any feminist hate mail so if that is something you do then you better stop reading :)

I am the first to admit that I am not a great driver. In High school I had a "few" accidents :) (RIP sweet Tracker). But since having kids I have become substantially better, and the law enforcement community would be happy to hear that it has been YEARS, since I have had a ticket! (yay me!)

So my point is that we can all laugh at our selves and see the humor in this email right???


10th place:

9th place:

8th place:
7th place
6th place:
5th place:
4th place: (not just a woman, but a cop too :)
3rd place, Bronze medal winner:
2nd Place, Silver Medalist (her helmet is in backwards)
and finally...
the 1st place, Gold medalist!!!! (how ?!?)

I got this in an email forward from my funny sister Suzie, I thought I had to share!


Dani said...

That is hilarious! The last one is crazy! It is true though... although I'm a woman and I know that men make mistakes too - I think women do these things while driving a little more. :)