Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parker's Knights and Dragons Birthday Party!... {the details}

First off, I apologize in advance for the gazillion pictures in this post. I just couldn't leave anything out!

While I know party planning isn't for everyone it is really fun for me. The boys look forward to each party so much, and even choose the theme months in advance. Parker told me last October that he wanted a "dragon party" and has stuck with it!. I wasn't sure what to do at just a dragon party, so I expanded the theme a bit and made it into "Knights and Dragons".

The cake/ dessert table included a delicious castle cake made by Lisa Teeples. Suckers that said "Happy Birthday Parker" and homemade lemon and chocolate cake truffles. Along with different platters and bowls of silver, red, and blue candy!

My cute mom read this book to all the kids, and I also used it as a decoration.

There were lots of favors around, so each guest got a gold bag to fill up with all of their treasures.

Of course each boy got a sword (purchased from amazon.com) and a shield (made by me), and each girl got a tiara and wand. We had 16 boys and 11 girls!

Each guest had a goblet to drink from, and take home.

and a favor box at each place to fill up with treats.

We had Barbacoa Pork Salad for dinner.

This cute castle tent was decor, and also a gift to Park Man from us.

The birthday boy, and his super cute shirt!

These 6 foot tall knights stood on either side of the favor and dessert tables.


Hannalee said...

Woo, another awesome party Sally, good job, it looked like a lot of fun. :)

morgan said...

amazing! you should go into the party business!

Dani said...

SO fun! You should submit this party to Kara's Party Ideas! I bet she'd feature it on her blog! :) So adorable!

Christy Cummings said...

The party was so much fun! Thanks for inviting us. My kids had a great time. You are so creative and talented.

Julie said...

WOW! That party looks amazing! You are very talented! Way to go...that has to be the best 3 year old birthday party ever!!!