Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free at last! (well, kind of)

Sunday was Layton's first day of Nursery. Parker and I didn't go to church, we are waiting a few weeks for Parker to get a little bigger, but Lance took Layton. He went into nursery and played for a few minuets with him, them he said "okay, bye Layton" Layton didn't even look up and said "bye" and that was that. What a big, brave boy. Lance said he hasn't learned that much in Sunday school for a very long time. I guess we have a few months of being able to pay attention(hopefully) before Parker gets old enough to cause a stir. :)


Trimbles said...

What a cute boy! I've never seen him smile that big in my life! I think he's still a little weary when I come around. One of these days... but thats cute!