Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scrapbooking Stats...

A few people have asked about what programs I use to scrapbook digitaly.

I use Photoshop CS4, I think it is probably overkill. I just use it because that is what I use with my photography business. I think Photoshop elements would probably be just as great (and a TON cheaper) to scrapbook with.

I buy kits, alphas, templates, etc... from and mainly, occasionally from other places but these two are my favorites.

Photoshop does take awhile to learn, before photoshop I used a program called my memories suite, by Polaroid. Which is great, I am just so used to photoshop now that I like it a lot better.

Hope this answers your questions! Thanks


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your fav digiscrapbooking sites. I also like the and the which has freebies. Just thought I would share :) Kim