Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So the other day (while I was trying to fix my stupid sidebar that is now on the bottom, and my background that has disappeared :) I saw that my profile says one of my interests is scrapbooking...

It is a big part of my life. You wouldn't know it from reading this blog now though, would you?

Our basement (ie my scrapbooking room) is torn all apart right now for my studio renovations (!!!).

So I have been doing all digital the last little bit, I will for sure do some paper scrapbooking still, because to be honest I'm already at the computer all day and I could use a break! But for now that can't happen.
I did these this morning. I am a cheater, if I have something I want to scrap of both boys I do it this way. And just switch out a picture or two, and the journaling. With both digital or paper.

Cheating? Probably.

Do I care? Not at all!

So anyway, I am going to add pages as I do them. Most people scrapbook right? Does anyone actually even care to see these?


Dani said...

I love it! So artsy! Scrapbooking always makes the pages look so fun and cute and I just love the results- but I never do scrapbook. I keep up a baby book until the age of two...but pictures usually go in an album at my house. You are just so organized and crafty! The pages are adorable!

Dani said...

By the way, you should be able to fix your sidebar in the Layout tab of the Customize page...You click and drag items... But I guess it all depends on what your original html format is to begin with... Wish I could help more but I'd have to look at it myself to know... hope you get it figured out. :) Good luck!