Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas FHE

A few cute girls in my ward put together this fun FHE for all our families.
We started out by walking from house to house asking if there was room for us, when there wasn't room that family would join us and keep going. (probably about 10 families)

We ended up at the Randalls house.

We ate a dinner like maybe Mary and Joseph would have eaten.

Then did a rotation of games, crafts, and stories.

At the end LouAnn read us a story and we sang christmas songs.

This was such a fun night with our familes focusing on the meaning of christmas. Thanks so much for all your hard work girls, we loved it!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea! That would be a fun experience!

Lori said...

What an awesome FHE that is a great idea.

{Mo} said...

What a great idea! We did a Primary activity in one of my old wards kind of like that, but we had Mary and Joseph come to homes on a donkey and the children had to tell them there was no room. Some of the kids were so heartbroken to have to turn them away. Then we all followed the star to a live nativity. It was such a great experience. Things like that just make it so much more real for the kids!


That is the cutest thing I have seen. I think that would be so fun...I will have to try it next year when my boys are a little bigger...Thanks for the christmas card..I loved your pictures...I need to schedule a photo op with you after christmas....I will get with you....My family is a need of a new picture and I need my boys down...

Dani said...

That sounds so great! What a fun idea to do with the families around you. :D