Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Ward Christmas Party

We just had our ward Christmas Party. It was really nice, we had a super yummy dinner. My cute primary kids did a little program, and then of course Santa came!

The boys were really excited to see him. But still nervous, we told them it was their choice to see Santa or not. They both said not :) then at the end Layton said he wanted to be brave and stand by him so I could take a picture, and this is as brave as he wanted to be...

After all the kids were gone and Santa was about to leave, Layton told Lance that he wanted to go and see him. No one sat on his lap, but it was still a big deal for both of the boys to get so close without any tears. They were actually smiling when they came back.

And they of course were thrilled with their treat bags!

Thanks to everyone who planned the party, we loved it!


sarahblad said...

Layton gets braver each year with santa! I loved your Christmas cards they were way cute!

Dani said...

Great! They'll get better and better - my kids haven't had a visit with Santa yet at all. Who knows! :)