Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joy School Valentines Party

This was the little Valentines party for Joy School.

I am mostly putting these up so that Sarah and Mackenzie can have them too. I'm sure you girls know but just right click on the picture and when it makes it's own screen left click and select "save picture as" and save it to a file on your computer.

Probably didn't need to explain that, but oh well :)


morgan said...

What cute pictures! I may have to move to Fillmore so Brielle can have some cute boys to chase around! ;)

Jamie Broderick Photography said...

You are the most amazing girl!! Photographer, great wife and mother!! You amaze me everyday Miss Sally!!

Chad and Mackenzie said...

Love the pictures Sally! I'm glad you took them because that was about all the Valentine's Day excitement Logan had this year. You're great.

sarahblad said...

we have such cute boys!!!