Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joy School Graduation

Layton Graduated from Joy School this week, along with Dakota and Logan of course.

We had a little graduation ceremony for them at our house and it went.... okay :) There were lots of people and it made the boys super nervous to stand in front of everyone. But Layton was for sure the most anxious of the bunch...

This is when we were singing some songs we had learned, notice cute Logan and Dakota singing... then there is Layton in the back. At least he stood up with them (we are seeing the silver lining here)

Thanks so much to everyone who came, and thanks to Grandma Jerri and Grandpa Dennis for the balloons for Layton. He really was excited to get them.
Also, thanks so much to Mackenzie and Sarah for doing this with me and for putting up with, and being so patient with Layton.
(LouAnn, we miss you!)


Chad and Mackenzie said...

I was waiting for you to post this since I know I'd take forever to post our pictures;) It was wonderful getting to know these boys (even mine in a way). Thanks for getting us to try something new! Oh, and thank you for the roses - it's a rare occasion for me to get some:)