Thursday, May 20, 2010

A weekend away...

About a month ago Lance had an afternoon off of work, and because that NEVER ever happens we decided to do something fun with the boys... well on a very rainy week day there isn't much to do, so we ended up going over to McDonald's (Layton calls it "Old MacDonald's" like the song) and letting them play.

Lance's parents stopped in to say hi on their way through and Layton begged to go with them. For some reason he is crazy about St George...

So we let him and he had tons of fun, he asks me almost everyday if we can go to St. George and to Pirate island.

A big step for him (and for me :) Thanks Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jerri, he loved it.

Obviously I made them take pictures and send them to me :)


Dani said...

That's so great! What fun for a kid to go spend some time with his grandparents all by himself! Great memories - but I'm sure it's crazy for mom to let her son go do that for the first time. I probably makes him feel so grown up! :)