Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lake Powell {day 2}

Haha, sorry to keep you all waiting. I'm sure the suspense was killing you :)

-Day 2- We woke up to find a few inches of water in the boat, and after Lance working on it for a bit we realized that we needed to go and load it back onto the trailer to get a better look. So another big ride in and then the boys and I ate popsicles while Lance was busy getting a sunburn while working on it. :)
He got a few loose bolts tightened up (at least that 4 year degree for auto/diesel mechanics got put to use :)
Then rode back to our beach for lunch, then BACK to the marina to pick up half of our group that was meeting us.
Spent the rest of the day setting up their things and making food for everyone...

haha, who falls asleep like this!?! :)

Wow, that was a boring post. I promise day 3 was more fun!


morgan said...

Do you know, never in my life, have I been to Lake Powell! Weird huh! I honestly don't know where it is at! :) But day 1 & 2 look fun..Can't wait to see more!