Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palisade Campground

The day after the Rush Valley rodeo we packed up and headed over to Palisade.

We meaning: me and the boys, my mom, nancy and her 6 kids. My dad and Lance came over that night to help us get the trailers set up but left to go back to work the next day.

I wasn't sure if going without any help from Lance sounded like much fun to me, but thought we might as well try it! :)

It turned out to be lots of fun! We were there for 4 nights and 5 days, and the kids were super busy and played and played...

We rented a paddle boat all day, every day we were there. The kids were on it constantly

The boys had a nice (for me :) rest time everyday in the trailer watching a movie.

Monday night my Mom took us on a "scripture walk" for FHE.

On the way back from our scripture walk the boys could see their shadows, and had lots of fun seeing what they could make their shadows do.

Parker and Brookers played and played in the water.

Layton and Isaac, best of friends.

We got a little rained out one afternoon, and spent some time with 8 kids and 3 adults in the trailer :)

LOTS of bike riding.

and digging in the, um sand? (if that is what you can call it there :)

Parker was so cute one afternoon scooping and sorting out these little animals.

All the kids together.

The last night my Dad and Lance came back over to celebrate Katie's birthday with us.

The last day was just a 1/2 day so we decided to try out a canoe instead of the paddle boats. It was so nice to have Lance there to spend time with us (and give me some help! :)

Thanks Mom! Once again you have outdone yourself and outworked us all!!!


Dani said...

What a blast! :) Great memories.

morgan said...

You are a brave woman! :) Sounds like you had a very fun and busy trip! You look super pretty in the last picture!

Chad and Mackenzie said...

You are blessed with such a wonderful family..... very lucky boys to have great cousins so close. That last picture is a great family photo too!

sarahblad said...

Looks like a lot of fun we might have to go there some time