Saturday, July 17, 2010

LP {day 4}

Day 4 (which was July 3rd) was probably the most fun. It was the only day that our entire group was there for the full day.

Lance isn't used to being around on the 4th of July, whereas I have only missed 1 Fillmore 4th ever (when I was dating Lance :) So I was a little sad that we were missing all the festivities here in Fill-town. I know that I will not be leaving town on the 4th again!

-lots of playing on the beach

-haha, you can bet he didn't leave this on for longer than this picture :)

-shading up. Layton+chips+lake powell= heaven on earth for the little guy

- for Christmas last year my brother and sister and I, gave each other this sweet water trampoline! The kids LOVED it and judging by the his awesome diving skills, Lance did too :)

- Parker is always up for anything, He kneeboarded for quite awhile, (with Lance dragging behind. holding the rope for him) Brave boy!

- That night, pirates left some treasure maps on our beach, the kids found them and when on quite a hike all around looking for the treasure.

- Finally they found it!
- After dark we did some fireworks, and the kids got out their glow necklaces that were a part of the pirate treasure.

Happy 4th!

Only 1 day left in this nailbitting series of posts! :)