Thursday, September 23, 2010

my own "super saturday"

(updated time and day, at the bottom!)
I have been waiting and waiting for my ward to do a "super Saturday" and I guess it isn't going to be anytime soon. But I have lots of cute fallish crafts that I have been wanting to do.

So I thought I would just organize my own "super Saturday"! Any excuse to have friends over and eat yummy treats right? :)

So anyway, these are the projects I wanted to make

fabric pumpkins $5 each pumpkin

rosette flower $2 per flower (for hats, hair clips, pin on a bag, etc!)

halloween sign $15

burlap wreath $17

Yay! Doesn't it all look like so much fun?!?

I was thinking of doing it on Thursday, October 7th, at my house. From 6pm- until whenever we are done! With lots of yummy treats.

Let me know if you would like to come, and what you would like to make. Particularly the sign because I need to get the vinyl.

Obviously I'm not doing this to make money for myself, this would just be for the cost of the supplies.

I can't wait, let me know!!!


morgan said...

oh my are so freaking cute. we should be neighbors..seriously! I would love to come, let me know if you are going to be doing it for sure (and obviously, if you wouldn't mind if I came)! everything looks so cute! :)

Nancy Robinson said...

you should come look at our super saturday stuff melissa anderson is in charge of it and they are doing some super cute stuff. sign ups and money due around the first of the month.

Chad and Mackenzie said...

Count me in!! Our ward is so anti-super-Saturday the last couple falls:( So great idea - yay for crafts. Except we'll all have the same decor haha.

Christy Cummings said...

I would absolutely love to come, but I'm going to be out of town. Let me know if you change days. You are pretty awesome to do your own super saturday.

Fowkes said...

I sure wish I lived closer! I would love to join in the fun! I love the wreath the most! Maybe you can post all your finished products and let us know how you did it! Good luck and seriously wish I could come!

Lorna Adams said...

So fun Sally! I am planning on coming. I would like to make your flowers (as well as Mary's)! You are so creative...thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us! :)