Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was having a major smores craving, but it was super windy outside so we didn't want to go out and sit in the wind. So we made them over the stove.

Of course they were delicious! I make them with nutella instead of a chocolate bar..... oh my goodness, it is pure heaven! Go try it!


Penny said...

We tried your idea of the nutella and you are right it is the best. Mahala loves to roast marshmellows on the stove but note to self don't eat them right off the fork. She had an interesting burn on her lips:)

morgan said...

haha...i was going to leave the same comment as my mom, but it wasn't mahala it was me! it hurt so badd! i was also wondering if you had a website or something to get all the cute crafts you do with your boys. brie loves to do stuff like that, but i ran out of ideas! :)