Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a new obsession...

We have a new obsession at our house... computer games. Nothing crazy just nick jr. and pbskids, but Layton loves it.

So much so that we made him a chart and if he is good, he earns 5 min of computer time, if he is naughty he looses 5 min.

Did you know that at the school, even the kindergarten takes tests on computers !?! I love the way the computer tests work, and am so glad that Millard School District is "with it" enough to have them. I just don't want Layton to fail all his tests because he can't run a computer mouse!

So... here we are. He loves it, and it gives mommy a little more free time too :)

(don't mind the very messy counter, haha, I'm a real person too!!!)


morgan said...

How cute! I can't believe he understands how to use it already! That is impressive!

Chad and Mackenzie said...

Crazy that kids need to know about computers so young! I love how Parker is complacently sitting next to Layton, haha. He'll have it all figured out too before long.