Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping at Palisade...

During the last week of May, right after school got out we went on a camping trip to Palisade State Park. My Mom, Me and my kids, and my brothers boys Devin and Isaac. Lance and my Dad made a few appearances along the way, but mostly stayed home to work. It was (a lot!) colder than normal, so there wasn't as much swimming this time. But the boys had so much fun, I love spending this time with them and my Mom every year!

Warning! I should have split this post into 2 parts because there are a gazillion pictures, so stay with me here!

Right before bedtime on the first night we went on a hike around the lake.

There are tons of minnows. the boys loved watching (and catching) them!

Layton taking a nap, while the kids do reading with Nana.

Parker was such a ham the entire time, he had so much fun :)

You know on "Tangled" where the old Cupid guy opens the peek hole in the door and says "Whats the password!" then "nope" then "not even close!" Haha, that's what Layton and Isaac did with the screen door the whole trip. We all thought it was super funny. :)

Again, Parker is just a hoot everything he says and does deserves wrighting down, never a dull moment with this kid!

Every night we would have dinner, go on a hike or a bike ride, shower and get ready for bed. Then the boys would watch a movie. We love my parents new trailer!

It still wasn't hot, but a little warmer than the day before. So the kids played and played in the water...

Devin and Isaac brought this inflatable boat. So they got it blown up...

And rowed all around the lake (they were actually tethered to the picnic table so if the wind blew, we wouldn't have to swim out to rescue them, but they didn't know the difference!)

We rented a paddle boat, and drug them around behind it.

These two (Layton and Isaac) are best friends, they are so cute together.

Ha! I couldn't leave these of Parker out. What a funny boy! :)

Playing croquet (ummm, I have no idea how to spell croquet, and I doubt I can get close enough so spell check can even recognize it!)

 Sweet Layton was so so good the whole trip! Plus he had a very exciting accomplishment while we were there that I will post about tomorrow!