Thursday, July 14, 2011


We always do our own fireworks a few days before the 4th. I was a slacker and realized to late on a Sunday that I couldn't go buy any, but luckily my mom came through and had already gottn some. :)

We let each of the kids choose out 3 (a small, medium, and large) that they were in charge of.

Eyes closed, but you still get the picture that Layton was VERY excited about it!

Parker with his fireworks, of of course his cup of tang???

Isaac, Layton, and Katie.

My Mom, Dad, and Brooke.

As I've mentioned before, we are vigilant about fire safety around here... :)

The kids all went up into the treehouse to watch the bigger ones.

Several mosquito bites, and a burn from a  rouge spark (that went DOWN MY SHIRT) later! A fun night was had by all!


Dani said...

So fun! We had no fireworks this year. Lame. Next year we will definitely have more fun then this year! Never again!