Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011...

Ahhh, Christmas morning :)

We were awoken at 4:45 on Christmas morning by a whole crowd of excited kids, who can tell this group to go back to bed??  I always take pictures of them all waiting on the stairs while we wait for Scott and Nancy to come over. Layton and Parker were less than excited for this picture if you cant tell :)

Layton, finding his stocking...

The present that he asked for was a remote control monster truck, red of course :)

Parker, finding his stocking...

One of Parker's most played with gifts has been the grabber from his stocking, Santa sure knows how to make these boys happy!

The gift Parker had been asking for, was this whac-a-mole game :)

Our little family, why cant these boys just take a nice picture for me!?!

Lance and I gave the boys this Ranger, they had been asking and asking and working hard to be good for it. It is for sure a hit, they love it, and it actually goes pretty fast (about 10 miles an hour) they are getting really good at driving and reversing it!

One of the things I gave Lance was and xbox with kinect, and lots of games to go with it. This is Layton and Isaac skiing.

and Parker and Katie dancing...

I never got a picture at my parents of all the presents together, so once we got home I piled them all up.

These are Parker's

and Layton's...

I feel so blessed to be able to give my family another great Christmas. I hope I never forget these times!

and lastly, a video of the boys getting their Ranger :)