Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011...

Well I think it is just about time that I blogged Christmas :)

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents in Flowell this year, we started out with a wonderful Christmas/Birthday for Shelby dinner.

Then had the kids act out the Nativity for us. This is the first year that they have all participated willingly (well kind of... ahem Austin :)

We have always had the kids open whats under the tree on Christmas Eve, and then Santa presents in the morning. So the kids got all the presents sorted out...
(this is the best face I could get from Parker in all the excitment :)

Then we take turns and go around the room opening each gift.

Layton had been asking and asking for a dragon pillow pet, luckily Parker got him one :)

My dear parents got each of the boys a pocket knife. They were so excited, Parker couldn't look away from it for a picture!
I wasn't thrilled about it, but they have actually been really good with their knifes. So it has turned out alright.

Layton just so happened to give Parker a pillow pet too :) Who knew they would be so excited for them.

Then the kids all put on their new Christmas Jammies and headed up to bed, Shelby and Austin hadn't gone in the room yet in this picture. But 8 kids is quite a crowd, they really love it and I think that would have been so much fun as a kid to stay with my cousins on Christmas Eve! (Lance didn't stay there, he was just getting the movie going for them)

Another great and memory filled Christmas Eve with my family, I love these times with them. We missed you Suzie, Chris, Jack, Claire, and Max!!!

I'm sure Suize will be the only one instersted in watching these little videos (but go ahead and watch if you would like too), these are for you Suz!