Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Last day together and family pictures!

My parents farewell and luncheon was on the Sunday that we left for Lake Powell, and I guess between planning-setting up for the luncheon, and also getting ready for Lake Powell, I didn't take any pictures! 
I did get a quick picture of the darling cake though, Lisa Teeples made it for me and as always did an amazing job!

Friday (the day after their setting apart) was the last day home. My sister and her family were down, and while it wasn't the day of really spending time together that I was hoping for. We did get to at least eat lunch together. The kids played in the water slide, my Mom packed-cleaned-and did last minute errands, and of course my Dad wanted to spend his last day on the mountain with Lance and the cows :)

That evening we did family pictures. My good friend Jamie Broderick came down to take them for us. Thanks Jamie! Also, remember I am 7 months pregnant, and a little more puffy than usual ;)

11 grandkids

Suzette & Christopher Trimble family

Scott and Nancy Robinson Family

My Mom and I

My Dad and I

Lance and My Dad

Our Family

Sweet Layton and Parker

My Parents