Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Broken Arm...

Yesterday Layton was jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on and a few cousins, and fell out the opening of the enclosure where it wasn't zipped up all the way. He came in the house upset and said he landed on his arm. When he showed me it was pretty obvious that it was broken. His whole arm was bent in above his wrist. 
So we headed down to the emergency room. He was so brave through the whole thing and didn't cry at all. They did an x-ray and sure enough, he broke both bones in his arm! He has a splint on for a week, to give his arm room to swell and then go back down. Next week he'll get his hard cast on. I was hoping for a below the elbow cast, but no such luck :( At least its his left arm! He'll have a big story to tell the kids when he starts school next week!
He has been such a sweetheart, and so brave. I love you Layton!


Mudrow Memories said...

Ouch! What a brave little guy!

Mackenzie Bailey said...

They are so awful! But, a broken arm seems to be a big attention getter:) He will soak it up!