Friday, August 17, 2012

Afternoon Get-Away

Yesterday after the boys got home from school, I wanted to do something fun for them that wouldn't require much effort from me :)
So we decided to go up and play in the creek. I love living in Fillmore, we drove 5 minutes from our house and were in a whole different world. We got there around 2 and I had to make the boys leave at 6.
They played in the water and "sand", hiked around on trails, and collected acorns. I relaxed in my chair, read my kindle, and handed out snacks :) Oh, and when I got hot, I walked my swollen feet around in the water too!
...this was a perfect afternoon...

I love these boys!


Trimbles said...

My kind of day... poor Layton and his cast. Thats rough not getting it wet. :)