Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coming Home!

Since every thing went so smoothly with my labor and delivery I felt really good. We were released to come home just after lunch the next day, which was about 22 hours after Nixon was born. I have always stayed at the hospital for as long as they would let me, so this was a bit of a stretch to leave so soon. but I was feeling really good, I don't think I would have liked to stay for another night. 
So we got everything together and headed out. It is always a little surreal to walk out of the hospital with a baby, I always think I can't believe they are letting us take him home!

All buckled into the car, isn't he so so cute!

As soon as we got home Layton was really excited to see us, and was all set to hold Nixon. He is already such a good big brother to him, and a big helper to me. :)

Parker was not so thrilled to see us, and definitely not interested in holding or even coming close to Nixon. Lance got him excited to help put together the bassinet though, then because it has wheels, Parker pushed Nixon around the kitchen in it. I think hat helped him a lot. 

2 days later Parker was finally ready to hold him, and now he wants to hold him all the time. :)

I am loving being home with these three boys. We are so lucky!!!


Michelle Jensen said...

How Cute!! Congrats on your new little addition. How fun to have a house full of cute little boys :) Hope everything is going good and hope that you make sure you get enough rest. Make sure you take some naps!