Sunday, September 2, 2012

He's Here!

On Monday, August 27th at 3:20pm our newest addition was born!
Nixon Lee Sagers
7 lbs 11 ozs
19 1/2 inches long

He is such an angel, I love him so much!

It was a pretty easy birth, but I'm still going to write the story down so I don't forget. So if that may be tmi for you just scroll down now :)

We had scheduled an elective induction for Monday morning. We checked in at the hospital at 8am and after a ton of computer problems, I was all registered and ready to go around 9. I don't have great veins, and every time I get an IV it is literally torture. So I decided I was done being nice about it for this time around and I wasn't going to let the nurses poke me a hundred times and then eventually call in the lab tech anyway. Lance didn't believe I would actually do it, but I told the nurse that im sure she is really great at her job, but I wanted them to have Jace ( the lab tech) come in right from the start to do my IV. Haha, she wasn't super thrilled about it, but she called him in and of course he got it on the first try :) So by 9:30 I had my IV in and the pitosin started.
They checked me and I was at a 2+, so Lance and I turned on a movie (The Hunger Games) ans settled in a for a long day. My labor with Parker was 12 hours before I got to a 4, so I expected the same for this time. The contractions were there, and regular, but not too intense. I got up and walked a few laps around the hospital at lunch time to see if it would help move things along.
Dr. Grose came back around 1 and checked me and I was just at a 3, but other things were changing, there is a whole bishops score equation that I don't fully understand. But apparently that score was much father along than it had been earlier. So he broke my water and said I could get my epidural soon. 
The next hour was a bit intense and the contractions were getting much stronger. I got my epidural about 2:15, and it had fully kicked in around 2:45. Everyone took a bet to see what I was at by then, Dr. Harrison (the wonderful epidural man) guessed I was at an 8, Lance didn't have much faith and guessed a 4 :) So the nurse checked and I was a 9! They called Dr. Grose over and he checked and said "All I feel is a head, lets have a baby!" Haha, so they set to work a got everything all ready. 
I had my epidural and was feeling great, so I wasn't to worried about any of it. I warned Dr. Grose that I had pushed for over an hour with the other 2 boys, so it might take awhile. We got all ready and at 3:15 I did the first push. 3 pushes later Nixon was born at 3:20! He came out crying hard and then peed twice on Dr Grose :)
Things went so so well, I feel really blessed to have had such an easy labor and delivery. We face-timed with my parents a few times through the day, and then again once I had been moved into a different room. It was so amazing that even though they are thousands of miles away, and an 8 hour time difference (they stayed up until 3am so they could meet Nixon!) we could still see them and talk to them. We were still talking when Lance's mom brought Layton and Parker in for the first time. So my parents could see them meet their brother and experience that with us.
I firmly believe and have a testimony that we are being so blessed because they are on their mission. It is so hard to not have my Mom and Dad here with me, especially during this time. But in this and in several other experiences, things are turning out better than perfect for us. I know that is because of the sacrifice my parents are making. 

Nixon has been perfect. A great eater, he actually had gained an ounce by the next morning. He is going to be such a chunk :) He is such a great sleeper too, he goes to sleep around 9 and then wakes up about 1 or 2 and then again around 5. I feel really good, much better than I did after the other 2. Dr Grose always says "oh, typical Sagers problems, just too many blessings". 

Lance has been working out of town since February, and just comes home for Saturday and Sunday's. But he got a whole week off to be home with us. Lance's Mom came down to stay here with the boy's while we were in the hospital. Then after they were done with school for the week, his Dad came and took them up to their house for the weekend. And of course, my wonderful ward is bringing us yummy dinners most nights! It is easy to feel a little bad for myself at times with Lance out of town and my parents being gone. But especially typing this all out I can really see how blessed I am. We have such wonderful friends and family, I am so grateful to them for the help and support they are to me.

We love this baby so much, I am so excited to be a family of 5!!!


Bryan and Lou Anne Randall said...

Cute baby, cute name, fun post. Glad to see you are doing well. He looks and sounds like a keeper! Congratulations.

Trimbles said...

Im so glad it was super easy for you. And as for having a 3rd... whats one more kid! HAHA. Im also glad you are recognizing the blessings of mom and dads mission. I know it was hardest for you to see them leave. Better then perfect is a good way of putting it. Im so happy for you.