Thursday, September 6, 2012

Newborn Pictures :)

You would think that because taking pictures of newborn babies is what I do for my job, that I would be taking millions of pictures a day of this gorgeous baby. Its actually the opposite, I hate to upset him and it is a bit of a hassle, so I just choose to sit and hold him instead!
I have managed to get a few though :)

His room is turquoise, red, and grey So I wanted some to hang above his crib that would match.

I have just about this exact same shot of my other two boys that hang in my living room. So of course we had to do one to match :)

I love this one of him and Lance, it just doesn't get any sweeter


Mackenzie Bailey said...

How precious! So excited you posted these. I've been waiting to see the little cutie.

Hannalee said...

Oh Sally, he is adorable!! Of course you only have cute kids. :) I'm so glad everything went well with the labor and delivery. I was thinking about you the end of August and the last few weeks hoping everything was going well. Love you and excited for you!