Thursday, July 3, 2008

Childrens Parade

On the 3rd of July there is a children's parade, the kids decorate their bikes and ride around the block that the park is on. My nieces and nephews came over to our house this afternoon and had fun getting their bikes ready, then we made it to the parade just in time, they were the last ones. But, they made it and that is what counts, right?
Layton rode in his car and our friend Kyler steered him, even though Kyler didn't really want to be in the parade. Thanks for being a good sport Kyler!
Even Parker and my niece BrookLynn joined in on the fun, with Austin pushing of course.
After it was over the kids all got a hot dog for being in the parade, Fun night, I LOVE the fourth of July!!!!


Colledge Family said...

oh I wish I could come to Fillmore for the 4th. :( I haven't been there for the 4th for a while I think. Katie will be there with my mom and Kacie so you'll have to find her and let her say hi to Layton! Have a good time!!