Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pushy, Pushy

So for the last couple weeks, and last night at the ward party was no exception. Layton pushes every kid that he sees. They don't even have to be playing together, a kid walks by and he runs up to them and pushes them. He doesn't do it hard, it really just hurts the kids feelings rather than actually hurting them. But, as soon as it happens we always grab him and put him in time-out for a minute and then when he gets out he has to find the kid he pushed and say sorry and give them a hug. We never just ignore it. Because I hate when parents won't teach their kids. But, it isn't getting better, if anything it is gradually getting worse. This is a cry for help. What should we do!?!? I don't want to have the mean kid in the group.


Lori said...

Hey Sally, I got your blog off of Jamies it is so cute and you have an adorable pioneer family. I had a similar problem with Audrey when she was about Laytons age, and I got some advise just to ignore it unless the other kid is really hurt because she was probebly doing it for the negative attention. It too about a week but it worked for us. good luck Lori Alder

Lori said...

Hey Sally, Audrey was hitting not pushing, and it was mostly with a little girl that I was babysitting so her parents were not around. Sorry I am not more help. Lori

Fowkes said...

Wow I had a lot of catching up to do!! I love your craft room--how nice!! Your family is such a cute pioneer family!! I love the matching shirts on your cute boys!! It was fun to see you at the Flowell celebration!! And really, Kaydon was okay after Layton pushing him, but I do understand feeling that way as a parent!! Hang in there adn hopefully he comes out of it!! Also that is way exciting about Suzie having twins!!!!!