Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom Fest 2009!!!

Have I mentioned I love the 4th of July???

The boys loved watching the parade and getting the candy. We having been trying to teach Parker not to go into the road... It for sure didn't help enforce that concept though...

Lots of fun at the park, (unless you count the line for face painting and ballon animals, they weren't quite as fun :)

We got t0 the fairgrounds for the fireworks early, and let the kids play. Then we had another amazing fireworks show.



Dani said...

Sounds like a blast! THIS is what I miss about a small town. Our day wasn't so exciting. We went to a local farm market in the earlier hours of the day- but it was just booths of things for sale that were too expensive. The rest of our day was blah until fireworks. Sigh- I miss the small town fun. We'll HAVE to live in a smaller town next year...or go to Fillmore. :)

Jamie said...

Hey thanks for following us!! I love your photography! What a talent