Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rush Valley Rodeo

Last weekend we went up to Rush Valley for the annual rodeo. Layton was entered in the goat ribbon pull, and the mutton bustin. Lance even entered the Bronc riding and the team dr.ing.

Early afternoon: happy boys.

I want to talk to who ever is in charge, I'm sure there is a reason for the order of events. But, the goat ribbon pull is for the smallest kids, and the only event that is on foot rather than on a horse. It makes sense to me to have it first. The rodeo started at 1 and we had to just sit around in the sun and wind until 3:30 for Layton's turn.
We didn't know the order of events or we would have waited awhile to come up.
Needless to say, that is way past nap time and Layton had already had a big day and wasn't in the best mood. But he did it! Kind of...
The object of the goat ribbon pull is to run up to a goat, catch it, pull the ribbon off its tail, and run back.
Lance ran up with him to help catch the goat, Lance caught it and as Layton ran around to get the ribbon the rope got pulled tight, and totally tripped him...

(right as he was getting tripped :(, so he wasn't really up to pulling off the ribbon after that hurt his feeling so bad. Afterwards he stayed in with his dad to watch the other kids do it. And then bothered us all day about wanting to try again.

He also did the mutton bustin... Kind of :) This wasn't until about 5:30, so we are getting father and father away from nap time.
He didn't want to hold on the the sheep so Lance was going to just hold him on for a second and then take him off. But sheep are deceivingly fast, Lance tripped and ended up tackling Layton. Poor guy, Lance was just trying to help.
I've yet to figure out how to take pictures and use the camcorder at the same time. So no pictures of the actual sheep ride :(
I also have yet to figure out how to get the movies from my cameras hard drive, onto my computer. So no video either :) I'm sure I'll figure it out soon!
This is what Parker did (finally) while Layton rode his sheep.
Oh, and Lance won the bronc riding! I guess it's just like riding a bike, you just never forget. Even after a 2 year break.


Dani said...

Awe! Sounds like a long day but I'm sure it was still fun and memorable. :)

Michelle Jensen said...

This post was cute and we were there and saw the whole thing happen poor little guy both times!! As far as the camera and camcorder thing, we have to do that with the motorcycle races that Cately and Weston are in and I have mastered it but you should check out my race that Weston did those two things. There are about 15 pictures of the ground and the best one I posted on my blog and I am clear up in the top, it was so funny. You will get it though :) It was great e-mailing ya.

Jason and Candice said...

How fun, good for Layton to keep trying! We should have come out to see all the fun! I am glad Lance rode (and WON) he is so talented, I bet he really enjoyed it!