Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter

Gotta love Harry Potter! I haven't ever even seen the 5th movie, but of course I had to go to the midnight showing of the 6th! :)
Well actually, two of my brother's kids, Shelby and Austin wanted to go and are to young to be out at midnight alone. So I volunteered to go with. It was actually really good, we were all super tired, and poor Austin was about to freeze to death. But we had lots of fun, thanks guys for still allowing me to be seen in public with you :)


Dani said...

How fun! I just actually got back from seeing it tonight! It is so well done- I think they might have succeeded in getting a good director! :) The past ones didn't impress me as much. :D

Sara Jo said...

I feel like I'm looking at the childhood faces of Nancy and Scott. Wow. And I'm jealous you've been to the new movie. :) Glad you had the honors to see it with your niece and nephew!!!