Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got Beef?

Do you know what one of my biggest blessings is?


I know, sounds silly. But every year or so we get 1/2 a beef to put in our freezer. It lasts us a little over a year, but on average will feed a family of four for one year. The peace of mind that it gives me is PRICELESS, obviously we get it through my wonderful Dad.

But, I would anyway because:
His beef is certified natural AND graded USDA choice/prime, not a combo that is easy to find.

He started just doing it for our family, then a few friends got word and ordered some, and now he has several requests every year. So this year he kept a whole corral full and is selling them. I know he has most sold, but there are still a few that are unclaimed.

You can order a whole or a half, or get with a friend and order a half and then split it between yourselves.

Seriously, we have so much steak in our freezer it is ridiculous, I am actually trying to find ways to use up, 1 inch thick T-BONE STEAKS, hows that for crazy right?

I just wanted to let you all know about it, because you don't get a better deal AND I want all your husbands eating steak for dinner :)

Call me or my dad (435.979.4307) for more info if anyone is interested!!!

You can visit the KSL ad for more info on pricing, it gets a little confusing with the price per pound and the butcher cost but really it is simple, and my Dad (or I can try :) will explain it all, and give you an average cost!


Dani said...

We've got our order in along with Cami and Zac. Can't wait- it's such a great thing to have access to. So nice to just have a bunch of frozen meat to turn to in my freezer instead of having to worry about buying it more often- and for larger price. Thanks again Uncle Alden! (In the past I got it through Richard, I'm not sure if he went through Alden when I got it last year, but it was good too.) :)

LornaJayne Adams said...

Does you dad still have beef? We were just talking about restocking our freezer!