Sunday, September 6, 2009

Riding with Daddy

Every Friday Lance goes on a ride with my dad and the other guys around that have permits to have cattle on the mountain, to check on them and make sure things are fine.

The last few times he has gone he picks Layton up at 7:30 am (a good hour and a half before his normal wake up time). I wake up Layton around 7 and we get dressed in his "cowboy clothes" and he eats breakfast while he anxiously waits for his daddy to come pick him up.

After Lance comes to get him he rides with them for about an hour, then I drive up to pick him up and come home, (this is not a nice sunday drive by the way, it is about 45 min. one way, and on a super steep and rocky road)

We bought Layton and Parker a little pony, she is super tame and the boys really love her. Layton is always so sad when I come to pick him up.

It really is such a hassle, but Layton loves it and is so proud of himself for riding with the men and being such a big boy!


Han-Bone said...

How fun, and what a big boy! Seems like a great pony. Todd and I have looked at ponies a bit. We would like to get one eventually for our girls. :)