Monday, September 28, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom!

Last Friday we went to the circus! It was the "Zing Zang Zoom" Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, that was in the energy solutions arena.
Lance almost couldn't come and I am so glad that he got to at the last minute. We had such a great night, with only a few setbacks :)

An hour before the show starts you can go see the animals, the boys were really amazed. Of course Layton was mostly upset that he couldn't ride their horses :)

Parker was really quiet and just sat on our laps to watch, I thought he was just really into it. But a few minuets after this picture he threw up everywhere, then got a fever and slept for about an hour :( poor boy.

Layton was in the silliest mood, he couldn't even talk while the circus was going on, he just pointed around with a big grin on his face. I went to take this picture. and this was the face he kept pulling.

A family picture (for once!) poor Parker was sleeping away.

It was all completely amazing, not just for the kids, but for Lance and I too. I loved everything, but I thought all the elephants were especially cool!


Dani said...

Wow! That's so awesome! I definitely am going to go to the circus the next chance I get- that looks like so much fun for the whole family!