Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Captain Layton's Pirate Party!

Last night we had Layton's birthday party. We did it at the swimming pool, with a pirate theme. Layton had so much fun, and loved all of it.

This was my first attempt at making a cake with fondant, it was a learning process. But I thought it turned out really cute. The little pirate on top took some time, but I thought he really made the cake.
All the kids (there were 14!) got a pirate hat, hook, and eye patch.

My only regret about the party is that I didn't start it an hour earlier, the kids loved to swim. And were super bummed when I made them get out, so we could have dinner. :)

Giving me his "pirate look"

The kids were all so cute in their hats.
We gave Layton a "kid tough" digital camera, because he loves to use mine. He was super excited about it.

Blowing out the candles,
then finally getting to eat the little balls that were around the cake!

Layton got spoiled with way too many presents, you guys are awesome!
Thanks so much to everyone who could make it. We really appreciate the effort!


Mudrows said...

You are super talented! What a way awesome cake!

Bryan and Lou Anne Randall said...

Sally, The party was fun and exhausting. My kids slept till 9 am this morning. Bryan's comment was, "Wow! Sally's really talented, isn't she?" Good job! We're going to be pirates here all day.


K I think you just got mother of the year award!!! That cake was so cute...LOVED IT...what a fun party you had for Layton...He is SO lucky!!!!

Dani said...

wow! talk about an awesome party- looks like so much fun.

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

Wow!!! Cake!!! You are amazing. I think you should have another baby.

Trimbles said...

Oh Im such a LAME aunt! We were in Hawaii and I totally forgot Laytons Birthday! Im on it...