Sunday, October 11, 2009

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

The other night there was this crazy goose wadling around our neighborhood. It had a hurt wing and couldn't fly.

But the boys loved watching it.

They fed it bread . . .

Then, after it was full and left. They got down and picked up the bread it hadn't touched, and ate it. They thought that was hilarious.

(I am aware that there are VERY poor quality pictures, I think my little camera is about to bite the dust :)


morgan said...

Poor goose! I am glad you guys are thoughtful enough to feed him! :) I wouldn't have thought of that!!! That is so cute of your boys eating his leftovers! Haha! Something I can see Brielle totally doing!


Sally, I LOVED the picture you took of Quade...SO CUTE!!! I tried to log in to your on line ordering page but it didn't work...I would love to Order some...Let me know if I am not to late....Thanks